Stump Grinding Services in
Norristown, PA

Just because the tree has been cut down, doesn’t mean you are out of the clear. There are still issues that can arise. Maybe the tree stump is re-sprouting? Or maybe it is a trip hazard? Or is it a hiding place for pesky critters or even dangerous one?

Cutter Wheel Stump Grinding offers stump grinding and stump removal services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. We have over 25 years of experience in the tree service industry.

Why consider stump grinding? Depending on the size and diameter of the tree stump on your property, stump grinding may be a better option than stump removal. Some trees have root systems that go deep into the ground and can cause issues with underground wiring and more.

Advantages of stump grinding include:

  • Clears the space for reuse
  • Prevents tripping hazard
  • Prevents tree diseases
  • No pest infestation
  • Prevents stump resprouting
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We service:

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