Stump Grinding Pricing


Every stump is different. The cost of stump grinding is affected by many variables. The travel distance is a factor in some cases. The size and height are very considerable factors. Other factors such as where it is located, the type of terrain, and other hazards that wear on the machine such as rocks, a fence, or concrete going through a stump have an impact on the price. All things being equal, a stump that is easily accessible will usually be cheaper than one that is hard to get to.

We offer rough estimates over the phone, but it is nearly impossible for all of these factors to be accounted for without seeing it in person.

With that in mind, a typical round 24 inch stump would normally cost around $250 to grind. We offer big discounts for multiple stumps.

When measuring a stump for an estimate, it is important to measure it at its widest point at ground level. Many people measure where it is cut and there can be a difference in price. We typically grind stumps 4-6 inches below ground to insure that grass will grow in its place while minimizing yard damage. There may be an extra charge for grinding extra deep.

Debris cleanup and excessive root removal is an additional charge. We give free on site estimates as well.

Sod installation Service – starting price will be $2 per square foot.

When calling, please provide information on the following questions:

How many inches is the stump in diameter at ground level?

What is the height of the stump?

Is the stump located near any utilities?

Is the stump in the front or backyard?

Is the stump in a location that a pickup truck could backup to it?

Are there any obstacles or hazards that need to be avoided near the stump?

Is the stump located in rocky soil?