Stump Grinding Services in
Northern Chester County, PA

As a home or business owner, it is often necessary to tend to your landscaping and take down trees on your property. Sometimes, cutting the tree down is enough. But sometimes you have to go further and take out the stump also. Cutter Wheel Stump Grinding grinds down those unwanted tree stumps into wood chips.

Tree stumps are unattractive and take up valuable space in your yard making it hard to mow your yard or plant new trees and landscape.Stump grinding frees up valuable space on your property so you can actually make use of it.

We offer various options when it comes to stump grinding services, from basic stump grinding to cleanup grinding below ground level, bringing premium topsoil and compost mixture for potential tree or lawn installation. We also carry sod all year round. After the stump is ground up, the grindings can be cleaned up and we can install fresh sod.

We service:

Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, and parts of Bucks counties


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